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<Celestial Age : Origin>A coming-of-age dark mobile game, is about to unveil its release date.

2020-03-12 12:01:18

 There have been more than 150000 preregistered players until now. What are you waiting for? Come and play the game!


Core Frame of Dark Elements

Celestial Age: Origin is worth discussing and exploring in many ways.  Mobile version of Diablo-styled game offers  immense opportunities, but it also bring new risks. Its a huge challenge for it to find a a balance between restoring the authentic Diablo style and adapting to mobile era.

In the long run, the longevity of diablo-featured games cannot be achieved without the classic gameplay, such as skills ,talents, ancient dungeons and border adventures, that it continues to this day. With more performance optimization being done, Celestial Age: Origin reserves both classic gameplays and high-quality visuals.  It also serves up a hearty meal of fast-paced action, and more than 64 eudemons to accompany you. Besides, more than 30 seamless maps and 33 gears are waiting for you to experience.
Meanwhile, it highlights its dark elements with a free growth system and a rich variety of fighting modes.


Echo to the Diablo Trend

Eudemons are extremely helpful for you. In whatever situation, such as Expedition and PVP, they can always be around with you and possess different but useful buff for you to defeat enemies and taste the sense of  victory.

This dark land is featured with ultra high level settings, customized aptitude combination, numerous bosses and abundant loots, which is totally worth waiting .


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Google Play:http://bit.ly/35CICIR

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